About us

Established in 1983, Network Ireland is a progressive, dynamic organisation supporting the professional and personal development of women.

Our membership is made up of a very diverse group of women, from budding entrepreneurs, SME owners, professionals and leaders in indigenous and multinational organisations to non profits, charities, arts and the public sector.

We have a strong voice and are interested in promoting diversity and equality, entrepreneurship and leadership development; collaborating with like-minded people and organisations.


Aims & Objectives

Network Ireland is a non-profit, voluntary organisation, with over 1,000 members and fifteen very dynamic branches.

Our Aims and Objectives include:

  • Providing a forum where professional women can exchange ideas and increase business contacts
  • Encouraging women to achieve more satisfying careers
  • Marketing the skills and expertise of Network members
  • Promoting women as worthy contributors to the Irish economy and decision-making bodies
  • Liaising with National and International Organisations
  • Creating Links into Government and State Bodies
  • Promoting a high standard of ethics in business
  • Promoting the welfare of the community through the joint effort of members.

As a voluntary organisation all committee members, nationally and at branch level, give freely of their time to coordinate and manage events, speakers, and our flagship national events. The funding needed to run the best possible events for our members is achieved through membership fees and financial partnerships with public and private bodies. Network Ireland provides a forum in which new and established business women and women employed in business can develop professional and personal contacts to ensure that their contribution and influence is recognised as a vital force in business and in society.

Network Ireland is unique in the fact that it offers support, mentoring and confidence building for women, in particular those starting in business or returning to the workplace. Members can develop and pool their individual skills through interaction and collaboration with other women in a supportive environment which offers training, mentoring and an opportunity to tap into the skills and specialist expertise of other members.