Lift Off: Joanne Hession Wows In February

Posted on: 06/02/2020


The Founder of a renowned initiative aimed at boosting leadership values nationally spoke at Network Ireland Cork’s February event. Joanne Hession, Founder of LIFT (Leading Ireland’s Future Together) was the guest speaker at the Clayton Hotel Cork City on Wednesday, 5 February, where the focus was on leadership skills; the key barriers to better leadership; and how to build leadership muscle in business and society.

Following work in Rwandan refugee camps following the civil war, at the age of 27 Hession founded two businesses — The Entrepreneurs Academy and QED The Accreditation Experts. The author of the best-seller Don’t Get A Job Build A Business, in 2017, Joanne founded LIFT Ireland with her brother David Hession and fashion designer and businesswoman, Sonya Lennon. LIFT’s learning process is based on eight key leadership values, which were formulated after conducting an extensive nationwide survey on the country’s most revered leadership attributes.

Speaking on the focus of her talk in Cork, Joanne, who is also Founder of The Entrepreneurs Academy, outlined: “LIFT’s focus is on driving positive leadership change nationally. We strive to facilitate conversations, drive meaningful change, and foster the core values of leadership. By shifting the way people view and interpret leadership, and work to build our internal leadership muscle, we can change Ireland for the better.”