Network Cork Presidents: Future Proofing Focus Group

Posted on: 21/03/2020


Past presidents from Network Cork were invited to a special focus group before Christmas. Held in Council Chambers, Cork City Hall, eight past presidents took time out to reflect on their term in office and give feedback on events they held. Karen Fleming (2018), Ciara Wilson (2017), Deirdre Waldron (2013), Sandra Maher (2010), Joan Walsh (2016), Kathy O’Dwyer (2003), Helen Wycherley (2015), Gillian Hennessy (2019) all gave of their time and views. Researching and reflecting was considered an important part of forward planning by the 2019 Network Cork committee and previous presidents’ insights were considered essential to plan for 2020 and beyond.

The event was hosted by current Network Ireland Cork Branch President Marguerite O’Sullivan, Vice President Barbara Nugent and the facilitator for the event was Maria Desmond.


Back Row (L-R): Barbara Nugent, Karen Fleming, Ciara Wilson, Deirdre Waldron, Sandra Maher, Joan Walsh

Front Row (L-R): Kathy O’Dwyer, Helen Wycherley, Marguerite O’Sullivan, Gillian Hennessy