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How to Make Better Strategic and Financial Decisions for your Business

22 October, 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

How to make better financial and strategic decisions for your business

This year has brought about a lot of experiences and many of them unexpected. It’s likely that you’ve had to navigate choppy waters, faced uncertainty and had to make impactful decisions quickly. These experiences are the very essence of being a nimble business and smart footed entrepreneur, but how do we sharpen the saw?

Susan Hayes Culleton, The Positive Economist, will share the tips, tools and techniques that you need to be close to the data that matters. She will talk about the supports, resources and people available to help you get a different perspective when you need it most and will candidly point to narratives from her own story that shaped the systems she relies on today.

Here is what you can expect to learn:

  • The three key metrics that every business should watch carefully
  • The four questions to ask yourself to obtain clarity
  • The five pieces of data that can direct where your marketing efforts should be invested
  • The six steps to keep your ear to the ground and single out the noise
  • The one way to maintain your own balance along the way



Susan HayesCulleton, CFA,

“The Positive Economist”

Susan HayesCulleton, CFA, “The Positive Economist” is Managing Director of the Hayes Culleton Group, with clients across Europe and the USA. The businesses include BECKSearch which unlocks, diffuses and records strategic tacit knowledge within networks and #SavvyTeenAcademy which manages the entire experience of teenage work experiences in corporate organisations. The company also provides training, speaking and content development services, in the subject areas of the financial markets, economics and entrepreneurship.

Susan has twice co-authored “Positive Economics”, the market-leading Leaving Cert economics textbook in Ireland, and she is the author of two books published by Penguin, The “Savvy Woman’s Guide to Financial Freedom” and “The Savvy Guide to Making More Money”. Susan is co-founder of The Positive Economist. Associate Lecturer at Ulster University and presenter of the Savvy Women Online podcast. She serves on the boards of the Irish International Business Network and the Ireland Hong Kong Business Forum.

Susan holds a Chartered Financial Analyst charter, MSc Executive Leadership, BSc Financial Maths and Economics and a Diploma in Taxation.