Network Ireland is a not for profit national organisation for women in business, the professions and the arts, with over twelve branches throughout Ireland, formed nationally over 30 years ago in 1983. It encourages women to achieve more satisfying careers and promotes women as worthy contributors to the Irish economy. It liaises with national and international organisations and creates links with Government and State bodies.

Network Ireland Kilkenny Branch, which is one of the newest branches, organises monthly events for members and guests which help inform, educate, motivate and support our members, both personally and in their businesses. Members can develop and pool their individual skills through interaction with other women in a supportive environment which offers, training, mentoring and an opportunity for women who call on other members with specialist expertise for help. It also provides a forum for established women to develop professional contacts.

AIB are partners with Network Ireland and support the organisation at both a national and regional level.

Within the Network Ireland constitution, the organisation is committed to:

Provide a forum where women in Business, the Professions, and the Arts can exchange ideas and increase their business contacts
Encourage women to achieve more satisfying careers
Market the skills and expertise of Network members
Liaise with National Organisations
Promote women as worthy contributors to the Irish economy and decision-making bodies liaise with National Organisations
Create links into local / national government and state bodies
Promote a high standard of ethics in business
Through the joint effort of members to promote the welfare of the community.

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Special Offer:

Membership fee is €195 per annum.

Membership renewal fee is €165 per annum.

Three-for-two Offer when three people joining together.

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