A message from our 2021 President Linda Codoul


Hello and a warm Welcome to Network Ireland Kilkenny.

We have been very busy this year with events and activities despite the lock down. We have already hosted 10 events, participated in the Network Ireland’s Fittest Branch Challenge and had a Girls Night In pamper party to celebrate our achievements. During the Fittest Branch Challenge Autumn Tobin from The Koop Studio hosted regular yoga sessions online to keep us all from ceasing up and we are looking forward to doing more of these sessions in the future!

We host weekly virtual coffee mornings which are held at different times and days. The idea is that hopefully at some stage throughout the year every member will have had the opportunity to join us. This is a great way to get other members in smaller groups and has been a great way for our new members to be introduced. I know how daunting it is going to a meeting where you know nobody – so this has proven to be a great success.
Our members attend in the new National Networking monthly sessions and were able to meet and chat with fellow members across the country.

In March, we started our Book Club for professional development. This is open to all Kilkenny Members, who meet once a week for four weeks to have a discussion about the pages read so to date. It is also discussed on our private Linked In Page.
We launched our Members Directory, where Kilkenny members can enter their personal/business details for other Kilkenny members to view and source assistance from each other.

In April, 16 of our members entered into the Business Woman of the Year Awards and we wish each of them the very best of luck. They all deserve to win!

In May, we introduced our new Business Clinic which is hosted by our members. It will be an open forum for our members to come along and find solutions or improvements for their own business. Each session will have an agenda but will be tailored to those who attend. Mary Hayden from hosted two sessions which focused on: Information Management & Systems, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet & Terminology, Cashflow and Key Performance Indicators & analysis. The next Clinic will be hosted on the 21st of June as these are run in rotation with the Book Club events.

The month of June is going to be another very busy month. On the 17th we are having our ‘Summer Social’ with The Happy Pottery. This is going to be a light hearted evening of fun where we can chat whilst learning acrylic painting and make a mess!
We are really looking forward to hosting our Business Woman of the year Awards on the 29th of June which is being held at Rothe House and Gardens. Why not join us for a socially distanced picnic at 12.30pm and meet the members of Network Ireland Kilkenny. Bring your own lunch and something to sit on!

Details of this event and all events happening throughout the month can be found here.

If you would like to know more about becoming a member of Network Ireland Kilkenny please contact me at and would be delighted to talk to you about our upcoming events and activities.

Looking forward to seeing you at our next event.


Linda Codoul

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Network Ireland Kilkenny are delighted to have AIB as our official partners and our local branch is located at 3/4 High Street Kilkenny. We are also sponsored by the Kilkenny Local Enterprise Office and they are located in the Kilkenny County¬† Council Office at County Hall, John’s Street, Kilkenny

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