Member Spotlight Mary Finn

Posted on: 21/08/2020

Mary Finn Member Spotlight

Mary Finn, of Connect4Work, is our featured member of Network Galway today.  Here are some fun facts about Mary and information about her business.

Describe your business in 3 words

Promoting attendance. Employee Retention. Absence Management.

What has been your greatest achievement to date? 

Challenges often present opportunities and I prefer to focus my attention on making the most of these opportunities. 2020 has presented many challenges and an opportunity (push!!) for Connect4Work to go online. I created and successfully delivered online training sessions to over 1000 people since mid-May.

What are your hopes for your business in 2020?

I plan to transform how organizations manage absenteeism by focussing and promoting ability and attendance at work, resulting in achieving greater rates of employee engagement and retention.

What person or book has inspired you?

Jacinda Arden – she embodies inspiring and effective leadership.

What did you want to be when you grew up as a child?

A truck driver – to drive across Europe and compete in driving skill competitions

Business Description – what do you do?

Connect4Work Mary Finn

Created in 2018, Connect4Work supports organizations achieve increased employee engagement and retention by promoting ability and attendance at work thereby reducing risk of additional absences. This promotes a culture of openness to diversity, inclusion, mental health, disability – supporting staff health, safety and wellbeing while also meeting reasonable accommodations requirements. Connect4Work collaborates with organizations to implement early intervention supports for employees who are at risk of absence, to remain in work. If an absence has occurred, the pathway back to work will be case-managed to ensure a return to work is achieved in a safe, timely and sustainable manner.


Want to get to know Mary?

Twitter: @maryofinn

Linkedin: Mary Finn