Businesswomen Urged To Focus On Well-Being to Achieve True Success at Network Ireland Limerick Event

Posted on: 05/03/2019

Personal and professional success is more attainable if people focus on integrated wellness.  That was according to Miriam Kerins-Hussy, the guest speaker at Network Ireland Limerick’s January event which took place at the Savoy Hotel, Limerick. The co-founder of The Awakening, Ms Kerins-Hussey is a qualified pharmacist with a passion for Integrative Health and Wellbeing.

During the talk, which was organised in association with LEO Limerick, she explained the concept of integrated wellness, encouraging participants to look at not just their diet and fitness, but at all aspects of the self to help them achieve true wellness and success. She went on to share several tips on energy management, reducing stress, promoting better sleep patterns.

Ms Kerins-Hussey said, “In the world we live in, with so much chaos and distraction, we can lose ourselves in it and forget the importance of our health and well-being. Everyone is so hectic and being busy is almost a badge of honour but busy is the enemy of excellence and performance. If you want to be the best version of yourself, you have to be well to bring your passion, energy and focus to your home, family, working lives. We create our future by the way we live our life today.”

After 10 years as a pharmacist, Miriam left to train as an Integrated Health, Wellness and Nutritional coach, focusing on holistic nutrition, mind-body connection and emotional wellness. Miriam is also a renowned Yoga instructor, Holistic Healing Practitioner, an international keynote speaker and facilitator both in the corporate work space and with individual clients.

Catriona O’Donoghue, President of Network Ireland Limerick, said, “We had a fantastic response to this event, it was very popular which shows that well-being is high on the agenda for so many working professionals. We all know that working in an ‘always on’ mode isn’t sustainable. So it was great that Miriam was able to share some simple yet highly effective positive habits that we can develop on a day to day basis to improve our overall health and well-being.”