Let Network Ireland “Fuel Your Ambition”.

Posted on: 07/03/2016

As most of you know, every year, the new National President of Network Ireland get’s to pick a theme for the year for our organisation. This year I have decided on the theme of “Fuelling Ambition”.

This theme reflects the deep ambition that I have, as President of Network Ireland, for the organisation and in turn all of our branches and members.  As women in business, I believe we need to be far more ambitious for ourselves, to challenge ourselves and each other so that we fulfil all of our immense potential. We bring so much to the table and while the importance of this is is starting to be recognised more, we have a role to play to make sure our voices are heard loud and clear in our organisations, in our business communities, our regions and nationally.

As a national organisation I believe we need to be far more ambitious. We are a strong organisation with a membership of over 500 of the most tenacious, talented and creative professional women from all walks of life – made up of eight very individual branches.  We have the power to be the voice for professional women In Ireland and in our various regions – supporting each other as we develop our careers and businesses.

So that we “look the part” for the exciting opportunities ahead of us, today we reveal a new brand identity and website.  This has been a journey of two years, through workshops, focus groups, tendering processes and final selection, which was approved by the National Executive in November.

In the past week, our official partners for the past three years, AIB, have confirmed a new three year partnership agreement.  AIB have proved to be very committed and proactive partners nationally and regionally and have very exciting ideas to develop this relationship even more in the coming months and years.

Another official partnership is being announced today with Vodafone Ireland.  Vodafone see our organisation as playing a vital role in supporting women in business in Ireland, and have very ambitious plans for engagement with our branches and with the organisation on a national level.

New for 2016 we have a series of roadshows planned with the Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland in Q4 of this year, who together with partners like AIB want us give us a fresh view on business finance.

Also over the next few months with Enterprise Ireland we will be running a roadshow series in five regional locations, focussing on female entrepreneurship; hearing from high potential female entrepreneurs and how they fuelled their ambition with support from Enterprise Ireland.

I hope you can see that already so much work has been done to make 2016 a groundbreaking one for the organisation, as we grow in numbers, branches and engagement with key stakeholders and partners.

My wish for each and every member is that you enjoy the year, makes lots of viable business connections, develop new friendships, throughout the whole branch network and that you take away valuable learnings and inspiration from other members and speakers at our events and of course have fun!

Finally I hope that by the end of the year you can say that Network Ireland has “Fuelled your Ambition” for your business and for your career.


Deirdre Waldron

Network Ireland President 2016