Our new President for 2016

Posted on: 14/01/2016

We are delighted to announce our new President for 2016 – Linda Ford.

Linda has a wealth of experience in business, she successfully ran her own retail and mail order business for 14 years in Wales. From there, she went onto become a small business advisor. She eventually set up her own Personal Performance Coaching business. Linda relocated to Galway in the few years with her family and continues to work with clients in Ireland and the UK.

Congratulations Linda, we wish you well as President and look forward to working with you to grow and develop Network Galway in 2016.

For more details on Linda’s background, please read on…

Linda is a Personal Performance Coach and Trainer specialising in helping clients to achieve success in their business or career.

Using a system based on the principles of focus and perspective, Linda helps clients move from where they are now to where they want to be. She helps them to develop ‘DRIVEN’ goals and to improve motivation and confidence.

Linda has over 10 years experience in helping hundreds of people to set up in business and achieve their goals. She has since developed these skills further to help people to improve their personal performance in a wide range of other areas such as career, exam success, creativity, assertiveness, motivation and confidence.

After 14 years of setting up and running her own successful retail and mail order business in the creative sector, (during which time she was shortlisted for the Western Mail Welsh Woman of the Year Award, presented with a Business Mentor Award from the Prince’s Youth Business Trust and was interviewed on national TV and Radio) Linda became a full time Business Adviser, helping aspiring business people to develop their ideas. She also delivered a variety of business workshops such as marketing, communications and business planning. Soon she became the manager of a large team, providing a wide range of business support initiatives across North Wales.

Now Linda lives in the beautiful city of Galway, where she works with clients from Ireland and the UK to help them acheive their goals.